Optional Activities/Adventure Days

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John Hall’s Alaska tours are designed to provide the most authentic travel experience possible. And while all our tours include activities, some also feature Pick Your Adventure Days offering a more active choice of excursions. Whereas Optional Activities allow guests to customize a tour by purchasing additional excursions in some locations.


Many John Hall’s Alaska tours feature one or two Pick Your Adventure Days that allow you to preselect your preferred activity from a list of options showcasing a unique aspect of your destination. Naturally, depending on your tour and where you are in the world, Pick Your Adventure Day activities vary.


In some places we visit on a tour, free time is incorporated so you can do what most interests you – whether that means relaxing and taking it easy, or staying on the go and packing in as much as you can. It is your tour and we make sure purchasing additional excursions is easy for you. Our teams both in the office and in the field have a lot of experience and can likely answer any questions you have about optional excursions.