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By nature, a John Hall’s Alaska World Adventure traveler tends to enjoy mingling with locals and hearing their stories, going behind the scenes, experiencing rich encounters in history and culture, exploring places only a few ever get to visit, getting out of their comfort zone and trying new things, and at the end of the day, feeling a bit special – because they are!

Designed with our valued alumni in mind, a John Hall’s Alaska World Adventure is ultimately open to anyone, but guests who have previously traveled on a John Hall’s Alaska tour always get first dibs. It is a privilege they’ve earned. And, well-heeled travelers – of John Hall’s Alaska and other fine travel companies – they are quick to recognize a high-quality travel experience because they know it firsthand.

Our travelers come from all over, but primarily the USA and Canada. Some travel solo, others in groups, although most travel with their loved ones – both family and friends. Most return, too. Many having traveled with us over ten times. Their loyalty speaks volumes, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. You should join us!