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The many moons of a John Hall’s Alaska World Adventure. When you have a love of travel and discovery as we do, taking on the world was the next logical step! As with our Alaska small group packages, the John Hall’s Alaska World Adventure program is designed for bucket list travel destinations with the same expectations, quality, and rich experience. For those new to John Hall’s Alaska, that translates to inclusive and immersive explorations guided by in-the-know experts, deep in local culture, exclusive behind-the-scenes activities, delectable cuisine, impeccable service, visually striking sights in each destination visited, and tales to tell – over and over – for years to come.

All destinations we travel to are at the request of our guests. So when demand grows, we shift into research and development mode. And voila! The program began as Alumni Adventures, and in 2020, the name transitioned to World Adventure. Our first World Adventure was in 2013, a 14-day Panama Canal cruise that sold out in two days! In the years after we added a southern Caribbean cruise and a Nova Scotia cruise with a land experience. Both we so successful we decided to launch our first land-based package with visits to four islands in Hawaii – there were two departures and they sold out in only four days! We knew were on to something and the program has continued to grow since.

It is by design that not every tour is offered every year. With a world as large as this one, the options for explorations are far and wide. We’ve found that spreading out where and when we travel every other year or so not only keeps the program fresh, but it builds anticipation among our guests. And who doesn’t enjoy good travels to look forward to?! Here’s a list of places in our sights (some scheduled and others, a twinkle in our eye):

  • Antartica
  • Australia & New Zealand; New Zealand
  • Galapagos Islands & Peru
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Ireland; Ireland & Scotland
  • Nova Scotia
  • Panama Canal
  • Southern Africa
  • Southern Caribbean
  • Western National Parks (USA)

In 2013, we created the John Hall’s Alaska World Adventure seal of authentication. The design incorporates the Raven from our company logo – unifying these tours with the John Hall’s Alaska brand – and features an outer gold seal representing our assurance of the ultimate experience, and that our World Adventure packages meet the expectations John Sr. has set across the world. A responsibility we take seriously.