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Being that all the bucket list destinations offered through our World Adventure program are driven by requests from our guests, each tour operates on demand. Which means interest may wax and wane. Although as soon as we see it growing, we kick the planning into gear! It can take a year plus to conduct the necessary research and pull the logistics together, but we keep a running list of everyone who expresses interest and once the details are all worked out, we have a top-notch team who reaches out to make sure those on the list are in the know!

Whether you are new to John Hall’s Alaska or a faithful returning guest, all potential travelers are welcome on our tours and invited to join a waitlist for a specific destination. Waitlisted returning guests always receive a priority notification, and others on the waitlist are next in line to secure their spot. After that, a tour is open to anyone!

To join a waitlist, express interest in a dream destination, or just inquire about what’s coming up, please email us at [email protected].