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Flight Arrangements

John Hall’s Alaska tour packages do not include home-city airfare to and from your destination. Airfare within the tour itinerary is included, where applicable. As a complimentary service to our guests, we are happy to check current airfare and assist in the booking process.

If booking your own air, please forward your complete air itinerary or airline confirmation number to our office. If your airline changes your flight number, please advise our office of the new flight number. Accurate flight numbers are how we track your arrival time in order to meet you at the airport. Final documents cannot be issued until full flight details, including airline confirmation numbers, are on file with the John Hall’s Alaska team.

For international travel, we recommend allowing 3 hours during international layovers due to additional customs and security. For return flights at the end of your tour, guests are transferred to the airport 3-4 hours in advance of your flight departure time.