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Luggage and Luggage Handling

Carry-On Items

Due to motorcoach overhead compartment space being smaller than airline overhead compartment space, any item carried on board must not exceed 45 linear inches. Items carried on board may include medical devices, coats, camera cases, or a handbag containing items of a personal nature. Flexible-type tote bags that are easily handled are encouraged rather than rigidly formed bags. Guests are limited to one carry-on bag. If you require a medical device, then you are may bring both the medical and your carry-on on board the motorcoach.


On most land tours, one piece of large luggage is allowed per guest. Weight and other restrictions may apply depending on your World Adventure itinerary.

Luggage Handling

John Hall’s Alaska includes luggage handling and gratuities in your package. Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel room upon check-in and picked up from your hotel room upon check-out.